We were driven to our futures by Mom and Dad.

Discounting circumstances unforeseen,
And unfortunate happenstance,
It was dear old Mom and Dad
Who drove us to this dance.

Sure, some may have balked,
And put up quite a fight,
But most parents got their way,
And their stamp at times shine bright.

“I see much of your dad in…

Also a problem solver, and part magician too.

Chapter 3 of This Old Man — A Curmudgeon’s Tale

It was just after sunrise when Sandra went out to get the paper, her first official family duty as she was always the first one up. There was just enough light this early spring morning as she stopped to investigate…

A problem that needs solving needs a problem solver.

Chapter 2 of This Old Man — A Curmudgeon’s Tale

“Did you see it— did you see those skid marks I laid down!”

Tyler was excited well beyond his usual hyperactive enthusiasm. “Let just a little air out of your back tire, that’s the secret! …

Speaking Fiction To Power

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