Great advice for all writers, but better put in rhyme, don’t you think?

Sharpen your pencil, ready your pen — fire up the computer, and let us begin:

Dear Mr. Tomic,

You recently posted a Writer’s Manifesto in The Junction that hit me as instructive, and possibly a complete aggregate, of what one should bring to the writer’s trade no matter what the…

And I hope there’s much more to come yet.

You don’t have to turn to FiveThirtyEight
To see Biden’s approval is not all that great.
It’s well below fifty, that’s certainly sure,
But his speech January 6 just might be the cure.

Any fair person would say he was forceful
In pointing out how Trump was in no way remorseful

A view from an old — errr — older guy.

I’m now a taller man,
In reference to my years,
And like my fellow oldsters,
Have shed my share of tears.

Some tasted of sorrow,
Some of sweet delight,
But now I am most thankful
I’m still around to fight.

The tears that tasted bitter,
I tried to stifle down.
But not…

I, of all people, took a Turkey Day modern dance class!

This Thanksgiving was a very fine day,
The weather was nice and I had time to play.
My sister invited me to join in with her class
Of dancing, no less! And I had a blast.

Our instructor was the dancer Robin Nasatir,
Who gives old people like me a reason…

Speaking Fiction To Power

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